10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Custom Embroidery Digitizing

If you’re serious about starting your own embroidery business, custom embroidery digitizing is one of the fastest ways to speed up its production time and increase your margin.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why you need custom embroidery digitizing and how it makes the entire process easier and faster.

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Custom Embroidery Digitizing

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Custom Embroidery Digitizing

What Is Custom Embroidery Digitizing?

Let’s start with some basic knowledge “What does digitizing for embroidery mean?”.

what is custom embroidery digitizing
What Is Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Well, it’s a technique in which your required design is transformed into a stitch file that can be read by your embroidery machine with the help of specialized embroidery digitizing software and generate embroidery that is just the same as the original.

Auto Vs Manual Embroidery Digitizing

Most of the time, we hear people say that just converting designs into an embroidery file is called digitizing embroidery, and some of you will say that we also said this above.  

But, let us tell you that we’re not completely true!

Some software allows you to auto-digitize your design, but professional digitization is not a one-click task. It requires a lot of practice and experience and all knowledge of creating well-digitized files for machine embroidery

Embroidery Digitization Trends and Evolution

The fashion industry is evolving rapidly and the most trending sector is the garment sector. Initially, people, especially women, wore simple and solid colored clothes. And now we see that they’re wearing beautiful funky prints. 

Most of you believe that clothes affect personality and that is why customized embroidery digitizing is the best solution for all your demands. It helps you put your desired embroidery design on your clothes as embroidery not as just print. 

Printed or sticker designs are not long-lasting; they disappear after several washing. So, digitizing for embroidery gives you the ultimate results and looks crisp for a long time.  

embroidery digitization trends and evolution
Embroidery Digitization Trends And Evolution

Nowadays, machine embroidery has been used to create trendy embroidery designs. This is a time to take part in trends and create your own fashion statement. In the textile industry, there are a lot of innovations, but digitizing is among the best alternatives to printing.

Now, you can show your artist in a more delicate manner. Custom embroidery digitizing also lead you to generate other idea like embroidery accessories, and photorealism. 

Unlike traditional hand embroidery, this new approach has a valuable effect on the fabric. You can also use advanced techniques like 3D embroidery or applique embroidery

In this way, you can ensure that every stitch is the same length and proportion of stitch. Traditional embroidery sometimes wastes time because designs sometimes don’t hold well on the cloth. Because all the stitches in the design are in different proportions, digitizing embroidery eliminated all these things.

Why Do You Need Custom Embroidery Digitizing?

Let’s have a look at some important reason why you go for customized embroidery digitizing:

1. Top-Notch Quality and Increased Accuracy:

We all know that quality is the most important factor when embroidering any design. So, you have to make sure of the high-quality end results. Custom embroidery digitizing is the best way to guarantee high-end and accurate embroidery. 

Because it involves the usage of different software to generate stitch files and also make sure the same results every time. Expert digitizers like EMdigitizing help you to produce accurate and crisp embroidery designs. And the more important thing is if you’re working on complex and detailed design the quality assurance is most important. 

This is the main reason why you need custom embroidery digitizing and everyone is looking for high-end results on their promotional items or t-shirts logos.

2. Versatility:

Customized embroidery digitizing is not just limited to simple embroidery. You can also create different embroidery effects like flat embroidery, 3D puff embroidery, and applique embroidery. This allows you to make distinctive designs that stand out from simple embroidery.

what is custom embroidery digitizing
What Is Custom Embroidery Digitizing

You can easily make 3d puff embroidery designs because of specialized software and technique that helps in making more precise designs. You can also combine all these techniques in one embroidery design. There are a lot of options available in it.

3. Reduced Risk

When embroidery is done by hand, there are many chances to have errors like mismatched color or thread breakage. Even if you’re a skilled person there is room for errors. 

A person who wants perfection in their embroidery designs cannot afford such errors. But in the custom embroidery digitizing service, we prepare the designs of our customers for the embroidery machine

These machines feature high-end software that reads the design. We’re using advanced software to create error-free designs. So, there is no chance of mismatched color or ripping off thread from your embroidery designs. 

4. Improved Productivity:

If you’re doing machine embroidery digitizing then embroidering complex design is not as difficult as for hand embroidery. Expert digitizers have a deep understanding of fabric type and what type of design complements the fabric. 

Advanced software and techniques allow you to complete the embroidery digitizing process quickly and provide a high rate of productivity and accuracy. 

5. Durability:

Hand embroidery is challenging to wear because thread ripens after several uses. So durability is another reason why you need custom embroidery digitizing. Most importantly, if you digitize the design well and use durable thread, your embroidery lasts forever. 

When you use an embroidery machine, it not only speeds up the embroidery process but also increases the durability of the design. While designing a logo on your custom apparel that is used frequently, logo digitizing is the best way to do it. 

6. Affordable For a Single Garment:

There is a myth thriving in the embroidery business that custom embroidery digitizing service is only available for bulk orders. But this is not right. At EMdigitizing, you can order us for a single design or in bulk and we’re doing this at the most affordable price for both parties. 

7. Less Time Consuming:

When you insert your design in embroidery file format you can see that it embroiders on fabric in just a blink. Because it is made by machine and less time is required for making one piece. Even this service allows us to deliver bulk orders with the same accuracy in each embroidery design quickly. 

8. Unlimited Choice Of Designs:

When it comes to hand embroidery, there are some limitations that stick the embroiderer to specific designs. And if you hire any embroidery for hand work you can see that he/she demands more money. 

Luckily, you have another option “digitizing embroidery” which costs less as compared to this. It also offers a wide range of designs to choose from and you can even customize them if needed. 

9. Scalability and Consistency:

When you’re planning to develop any product the one key factor you should consider is consistency and scalability. We’ve seen many people just focus on developing high-quality design and ignore this factor. 

However, personalized digitizing service from EMdigitizing is known for its consistency while keeping the quality of design even for mass production. We designed an embroidery file in such a way that it looks similar on every piece after embroidering. 

If you outsource from us it allows you to easily scale your embroidery business. It is especially beneficial for the small embroidery industry or those who have different embroidery needs. 

10. Speed and Efficiency:

The last reason why you need custom embroidery digitizing is its speed. 

We have all read that “Time is money”. To succeed in the embroidery business, you must deliver design in stitch file format at a reasonable price. 

And we know some of you might say that there are a lot of factors that can affect the speed time of digitization like the size of orders and the complexity of the design. But anything you can do to improve the speed of your delivery time with efficiency will give your business a competitive benefit.  

Bottom Line:

As promised, we give you a compelling reason why you need custom embroidery digitizing. If you want to outsource its service, EMdigitizing is your go-to choice. We’re providing embroidery digitizing and vector art services worldwide at the most affordable rate possible with a fast turnaround time.  

We also offer our first-time customers a 50% discount on all of our services, plus a free quote that is generated in less than 5 minutes. 

You can contact us and ask any questions about this article, and don’t forget to share it with people you think might find it useful. 

Best of luck to you! 

Thank you so much for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Top-Notch Quality and Increased Accuracy
  2. Versatility
  3. Reduced Risk
  4. Improved Productivity
  5. Durability
  6. Affordable For a Single Garment
  7. Less Time Consuming
  8. Unlimited Choice Of Designs
  9. Scalability and Consistency
  10. Speed and Efficiency

Yes, embroidery digitizing is a difficult process because it needs high-end software and skills to digitize design professionally. But if you master it, the end results are breathtaking. 

An embroidery is a form of art that has been used to decorate textiles, accessories, or many other items. It is also used to add colors, dimension, texture, and richness to your desired product.  

This process contains several steps such as: 1. Upload your design in digitizing software, 2. Set the size of the design and stitch type with direction and color, 3. Then convert it into your required embroidery file format, 4. Load this file into your machine and let it embroider for you.  

It is a process of converting design into digital file format that contains instructions of stitches that can be read by machine. Digitizing embroidery helps you to embroider quickly and efficiently. In fact, if digitization is done correctly it can be considered as an art form.