How To Get Rid Of Embroidery Hoop Marks On Your Fabric?

Are you tired of those pesky embroidery hoop marks on your fabric? Some fabrics are hard to hoop like baby onesies but you tried hard and succeeded in hooping them. This is the most satisfying process you’ve ever done…. Right?

But when you’ve done with your embroidery work and remove the hoop…Oh, you see embroidery hoop marks on your fabric. 

How To Get Rid Of Embroidery Hoop Marks On Your Fabric

Ugh…This is the most frustrating thing because it may ruin your fabric. 

Luckily, there are some tricks that are helpful in removing those hoop burns. We’ll discuss them in this article and also share some ways to avoid them. 

How To Get Rid Of Embroidery Hoop Marks On Your Fabric?

What Is Embroidery Hoop Mark?

When you finish your embroidery work and take it out from the hoop that mark is left on your garment where you place your hoop is hoop mark. 

Check this picture where you can clearly see the mark of the hoop on this fabric.

What Is Embroidery Hoop Mark
What Is Embroidery Hoop Mark

Why Do Embroidery Hoops Leave Marks?

During the embroidery process, we all want the hoop to be tight and doesn’t shift at all. 

Right? Now what? We twist the tension screw of the embroidery hoop tight when the fabric is in it. In this process, your fabric loses its moisture and the hoop leaves its mark. 

We know, we know, you just want to hoop your fabric tight. 

Sound hopeless?

Well, we’re here to save you from this blunder.

What Type Of Fabrics Are Prone To Embroidery Hoop Marks?

It’s crucial to know which type of fabrics are likely to hoop marks so you can take proper actions to prevent them.

What Type Of Fabrics Are Prone To Embroidery Hoop Marks
What Type Of Fabrics Are Prone To Embroidery Hoop Marks
  • Knit fabric like for T-shirts can be prone to mark so we suggest never hoop this fabric. Because it is too stretchy when you hoop it. 
  • Next, we’ve velvet and chenille fabric. They have a pile and when you crush it during hooping you will have a mark of the hoop. So, it’s best to go with a floating stabilizer instead of a hoop. 
  • Hooping fluffy towels is your big mistake because they’re too difficult to hoop because of their fibers.
  • Last but not least, we’ve quilt fabric. It might be satisfying to hoop them but you’ve to be very careful because it can leave its mark.

How To Get Rid Of Embroidery Hoop Marks?

Practically, you can remove hoop burns in all cases. But it depends on which type of fabric you’re using. Sometimes, it is removed easily but in some cases, it ruins your work. 

Here are some best remedies to remove embroidery hoop marks:

Water Spray:

The easiest method to remove hoop marks is using a spray bottle, spritz the water on the fabric, and leave it to air dry. You can also damp cloth to wet the fabric. We recommend you never rub vigorously on marks. 


Some types of fabric are not appropriate for ironing and iron also leaves its mark. So, we suggest you buy a cheap steamer and gently steam the fabric. Just avoid touching your fabric and you’ll see marks go away in no time. Plus, it gives your project a freshly pressed look. 

White Vinegar: 

In case you don’t mind any smell then using white vinegar is the most effective remedy for removing these marks. You just have to fill it in a spray bottle or mix it with some water to avoid a strong smell. Then, spritz a bit on the mark and leave it for some time. After that steam the fabric. 


This trick works great for removing furniture marks on your carpet so it also works to remove hoop marks. Gently rub the ice on the mark and leave it to air dry. 

Starch Spray:

If you don’t have time and want a faster solution to remove embroidery hoop marks then this is for you. Mix some starch in water, spritz it on the mark, and let it dry. 

Lint Brush:

In case, you don’t want to wet your embroidery work you can use a lint brush and gently rub it on the mark. It works great on fabrics like velvet or fluffy cloth. 

If we miss any method, we encourage you to share with us and thank you!

For non-washable fabric, we mention below some prevention measures to avoid these marks. 

What To Do If You Want To Prevent Hoop Marks In Machine Embroidery?

We know this is the question that first comes to mind when talking about embroidery hoop marks. 

So, let’s discuss what you can do to avoid hoop burn but you’ve to keep in mind that these methods are not the best of all cases. 

However, they’ll be really helpful in making your project un-damaged and smooth. 

Floating The Fabric:

The best method to prevent hoop marks is floating. For this purpose, you have to hoop your stabilizer first and then stick your fabric on it. 

You can use a tearaway stabilizer with a sticky back, pin the top paper layer inside the hoop edges, and then peel off the paper. After that, use a temporary pen and mark the center point. Place your fabric on the stabilizer.

What Type Of Fabrics Are Prone To Embroidery Hoop Marks
What Type Of Fabrics Are Prone To Embroidery Hoop Marks

This stabilizer is not a requirement so if you don’t have it you can use another type of stabilizer.  For this purpose, you need a temporary adhesive that sticks your fabric on top of the stabilizer. 

If you want to learn how to remove the stabilizer, check out our blog. 

If you want extra support, you can pin the fabric with a stabilizer so it cannot move during the embroidery process.

This method is only recommended for small projects but not for hoodies, blankets, or shirts because they’re large and can move during work

Use Magnetic Hoops During Machine Embroidery:

If you purchase a multi needle embroidery machine you may also get a magnetic hoop with it. These hoops are very easy to use and also prevent the mark.

Floating The Fabric
Floating The Fabric

They have extremely powerful magnets on top and bottom of the hoop. But you have to be very careful when using them because you can break your finger between them. 

Final Verdict:

Now, you finally understand how you can remove embroidery hoop marks and what measures you can follow to prevent them. 

So, this should not be a permanent problem!

Finally, thanks for reading. If you find this helpful, share it with your friends and family. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

For delicate fabric, you need to use a mild technique such as vinegar or starch water to remove hoop burns. Remember, test the techniques on a spare piece of fabric to check if it works or not. 

We suggest you buy a cheap steamer and gently steam the fabric. Just avoid touching your fabric and you’ll see marks go away in no time. But be careful not to over heat the fabric. 

When you complete your project try to remove the hoop immediately. Hoop marks mostly appear if you leave the hoop for long. 

No, hoop stains don’t harm the clothes itself. But too much compression weakens the fabric material over time. 

If the hoop marks are too old, damp your fabric and then lay it between two absorbent cloth pieces. Then, apply pressure with iron and it will lift the mark.