15 Ways to Increase Sales in Embroidery Business

You have started an embroidery business. it’s awesome! Now all you need is some customers. Lucky for you, customers who want to buy embroidered items or need your embroidery services can be found almost anywhere. But you need to tell them what you can offer. How do you do it? Well – there are many different ways to do it. Here are just 15 ways to increase sales in an embroidery business.

For clothes and decorations required for personal and commercial use, embroidery is a modern addition. Starting a new embroidery venture requires a marketing strategy. Some factors that will be discussed focus on individual techniques you should adopt, while others are broader.

15 Ways to Increase Sales in Embroidery Business

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1. Using Social Media for Online Marketing

Social media is a great way for agencies of any size to connect with their customers, showcase products, and sell them. Simply add posts to your embroidery business website and Facebook and all online marketplaces.

Internet advertising and marketing help web-based channels sell products and logos. Embroidery Businesses can take advantage of expanding channels, including email, social media, and more.

Using Social Media for Online Marketing

2. Offer Best Quality Material

The list will contain many creative ideas that will help the company reach its full potential and increase sales. But the one thing that will always be of utmost importance to consumers, especially in selling embroidery, is the quality of the material. There are many people out there who enjoy the value of traditional home textile designs.

The clothes you use for them, along with modern and stunning designs, are the main factors that will make them buy your stuff. So selling a business to a wider audience shouldn’t be a substitute for compromising on product value.

3. Knowing Customer’s Psychology

Psychology is an integral part of the growing embroidery business. This type of fashion is becoming more popular because everyone likes the most popular style.

The secret to acquiring new customers, offering outstanding customer support, and keeping your current customers with you all lies in buyer behavior. When you have this key element in place, you will analyze what your customers need from your embroidery business and how to provide it to them.

4. Give embroidered items as gifts

If you want to market your embroidery business, start by giving embroidered items as gifts. I have made many birthday gifts using my embroidery machine and often ask parents if they can buy extra gifts from me. Every birthday party is a marketing opportunity.

5. Improve your network

If you’re not familiar with the term business enterprise networking, that means you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities! In today’s international market, business networking is an important part of any organization’s success. So, knowing what it stands for and embracing the basic concepts is critical to the growth and development of any organization.

So, what is business networking? For a better understanding of this term, consider the scenario when a salesperson is reaching out to one of the organization’s customers and asking them to contact other potential customers who may be interested in their services or Interested in the product. This is called business networking.

To grow your embroidery business, you must expand your team members and build a network with different levels.

The discount rate should be:

Discounted rates and offers grab the attention of customers and increase the level of sales which is the major point for the level of growth. Because people prefer to buy things on sale, discounts act as a tactic to attract more people to your store.

If you offer a good discount for a particular day, mention the sale in your ad. It also increases your embroidery business opportunities at various levels.

6. Competition Research

Competitive research involves identifying your competition and comparing your strengths and weaknesses to theirs. By researching your biggest competition, you can see how your products and services stack up and what kind of threat they pose to your embroidery business.

It also helps you understand enterprise developments that you may be missing. It can be helpful if you do market competition research about your embroidery business level. This strategy will increase the value of your promotion and increase sales. In order to improve your embroidery business, it is important to keep an eye on the market level.

7. National & International Expansion

Going global is a broad mission for small and emerging businesses that can disrupt existing commercial business activities. Instead of spreading your business to different cities of the country, keep your business confined to just one city.

Increase the value of your work and it should grow nationally and internationally. This may be necessary for business growth.

8. Make a Referral Program

Referral programs come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s some capacity for creativity here. But no matter how you do it, they can be incredibly useful marketing tools. Effectively, they cut out the middleman — if your clients are doing your marketing for you, you have less time to spend on marketing and more time on embroidery and order fulfillment.

This works especially well in conjunction with the previously mentioned digital marketing avenues. But it’s also a powerful method in person. People trust their friends. I know I have purchased a product or service in the past solely on the recommendation of a friend. If you reward your clients for spreading the word (with discounts), they’ll be happy to do so.

9. Use Your Products

It’s more on the subtle end but just wear your stuff. If someone compliments on your shirt/patch/bag etc, that’s the best conversation starter. It also shows others that you have a lot of confidence in your brand and your ability to wear things.

Bonus points if people already look to you for good taste. Of course, this method is quite passive and probably won’t get you, the customer, directly. But it does one small but important thing: integrates your brand into your life — being a small business owner is, in part, about living and breathing your embroidery business.

10. Products

Choose some incredible product images and print them on flyers and pamphlets. You will also showcase a variety of embroidery designs and fabrics using your website or social media pages.

Thus, in the early stages of the embroidery business, the goods get much-needed publicity. In this sector of the industry, graphics draw more content.

11. Work with Inspiring People

Many Instagram influencers will promote your product if you send them a sample, or for a small fee. This method varies depending on how many followers the influencer has, and every influencer is different.

Find an inspiration who is into fashion, crafts, home textiles, or something similar. Ask them to promote their obsession—pair it with a fandom they’re a part of for extra points!

12. Change of Embroidery Dress

Launching the first series of style marks is just the beginning. Keep a close eye on trends. Trends often alternate, and what’s popular today won’t be when you launch your collection.

As designers, we plan exhibitions, so make sure you get great ideas about the industry’s contemporary fashion and style. Various subjects and clothing should be modified to impress clients and to pursue different levels of clients.

13. Create a Business Card

They are extremely helpful in making people remember you. I have seen some cool business cards for embroiderers where the design was embroidered on the card itself. There is more room for creativity than you think!

14. Bring Your Business Cards to “Networking Events”

If you’re like me, the words “networking events” make you never want to leave your house again. A bunch of people in suits pretending they’re super impressive? No Thanks!

Instead, think about knitting clubs. Sewing Club. Local library. Think of places in your local area where people interested in your services can go or gather. Many tea points and community centers have community boards where people can post flyers to advertise events or services. Maybe the local college.

Just find as many public areas as you can find and put your business cards there. If you attend a social event, introduce yourself with your business card.

15. Don’t Stop at Businesses

There are many organizations that are not businesses that you can reach out to. Sports leagues are great. In my town, we have a popular summer ultimate frisbee league. Everyone who signs up gets a shirt. Think marathons, half marathons, ski races, and charity walks. Local bands or choirs or artists.

The opportunities are there, I promise. I hope this list has given you some innovation or ideas for new leads. Embroidery as a field is only going to grow in the future, so get out there and grab your piece of the pie!


I am sure this article will help you understand how to increase sales in the embroidery business. There are many important tips to grow your embroidery business, but these are the most important tips to grow the business level and achieve the main goal. Hope this helps you guys!

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It is true! Profitable – A home-based embroidery business can be very profitable! Many customers who start out with a 15-needle embroidery machine at home end up with 4 heads and many customers over time. One of the reasons why it is so profitable is the low cost of embroidery materials.

Plan your production and know when and where you can take on extra jobs and not hurt your normal production. Plan your marketing strategy to increase sales. Create a quote while your customer is waiting—no more telling them you’ll get back to them. Create a price list that will make you profitable.

Lip balm, hand sanitizer holders, and key fobs are great embroidery items to sell at craft shows. This is because they can be made quickly and easily in-house and can be cheap enough to make them a great buy.

Polo shirts and button-ups are, without a doubt, among the most popular embroidered items. In fact, they will never go out of style because every local business or school needs one.

Embroidered garments are gaining popularity in the market as it offers high quality, value addition, and finishing to the garment. Custom decorated dresses are one of the major reasons for the increasing demand for embroidered dresses.

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