How to Embroider on Toilet Paper – Tips & Tutorial

I have to be honest When I first heard about embroidery on toilet paper, I thought it was a crappy idea (yes, the purpose of the pin). It was as if home embroiderers were sizing random household items and sewing on them. I mean, what’s next? carpet?

But when I realized all the potential of toilet paper embroidery, we all decided to join in the fun here at Embroidery Legacy. So why do you want to embroider on toilet paper?

How to Embroider on Toilet Paper - Tips & Tutorial

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Can you embroider on toilet paper?

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually embroider on toilet paper. And, it’s a very ideal material to work with. It has very little nap and is not stretched. The only caveat is that it is a bit more delicate than other materials that you can use for embroidery.

What kind of toilet paper to buy if you want to embroider on it?

The first step in starting this project is to get the role of TP for the project. And, when it comes to toilet paper, there is a limit to the quality. If you are going to try to embroider it, you should definitely avoid the cheap “prison house” type. For this job, fat is better.

I realize that in the midst of the Corona-19 epidemic when there is hardly any toilet paper on the shelf, it seems useless to recommend a specific brand of toilet paper for this project. However, I am hopeful that this is only a temporary inconvenience and that one day in the near future when it comes to buying toilet paper we may actually have a choice of brand.

Toilet paper embroidery experts recommend the following brands.

Full Disclosure… In my demo below, I used what I had in hand which was the only Walmart House brand, even though they sell the most.

Why embroider on toilet paper?

Embroider on toilet paper is a great way to add a personalized embroidery touch to your bathroom. Whether you’re decorating for the holidays or just giving your guests something to laugh about as they go about their business, this is exactly what old embroidery is all about.

Embroider on toilet paper can also be a great gift for someone who is hard to buy, especially if it is personal. You can create a personal role for any occasion, from a new homeowner to a birthday party, you will never be without a gift!

The epidemic had previously left the toilet paper shelves of our grocery store empty. We had a toilet paper crisis! We’ve changed our minds about toilet paper and no longer take it lightly. Buying a toilet paper station doesn’t mean you need rolls for toilet use, but now for embroidery projects!

How to embroider on toilet paper

Supplies required

  • Toilet paper (of course)
  • No show mesh embroidery stabilizer
  • Embroidered hoop
  • Precise knife
  • Binder clips
  • Feel pad
  • Embroidery Design – Tinkle All The Way was used for this project.


  • Choose the condensed toilet paper you can buy, it will make embroidery easier and will hold the stitches better. Go with at least 2 plies or thicker.
  • Cut-Away stabilizer, Lion Stitch works great.
  • Embroidery design: Stay away from dense metals, vintage style stitches or spruce metals are best for sewing on toilet paper. Too dense a design can tear the toilet paper.
  • 4 “x 4” hoop – Use the smallest hoop which provides the most stability.
  • Roll out your toilet paper and take it. Roll out some more and take 3 more squares and fold it again so that you have 4 layers of toilet paper.
  • Hope for both your toilet paper and embroidery backing. For some extra durability, you can use a light dusting from one of these adhesive sprays.
  • Attach your hoop to your machine and slow down your machine before starting. Load your design, and you’re ready to embroider on toilet paper.
  • When finished, trim your cut back, roll up your toilet paper again and you’re done! For a nice finishing touch, you can seal your fully embroider on toilet paper in a bag with some ribbons.


Step 1

How to embroider on toilet paper step 1Hoop your stabilizer and run the placement stitch.

  • It’s rather self-explanatory: hoop your stabilizer and then make sure it’s as tight as it can be.
  • Although we never recommend using a screwdriver to tighten your hoop as it can cause hoop burn on your fabric, in this case, it doesn’t matter because after that we add Cut-Away the stabilizer.
  • Once you have the stabilizer hoop, place your hoop on the machine and start by embroidering on the design placement stitches.

Step 2

How to embroider on toilet paper Step 2Cut slits around the placement stitch to insert the clips.

  • Here you will use your exact knife to cut four small slits around the placement stitches so that the clips can be inserted.
  • See the image below for the exact details of the slit placement.
  • When it is finished, you will take your toilet paper and stick it to the stitches of the placement guide.
  • After that, you will take the clips you have made very carefully and slide the felt piece under the slot, leaving the binder clamp at the top.
  • You will do this four times, once for each of the four, you have cut.
  • Now your toilet paper should be kept in a safe place.How to embroider on toilet paper step 3

Step 3

Embroider your design.

  • Put the hoop back on your machine, taking care not to tear the toilet paper.
  • Then start sewing your design!

Step 4

How to embroider on toilet paper step 4Remove the stabilizer and roll out your toilet paper.

  • Remove the hoop from your machine and carefully remove the clips while holding the toilet paper in place.
  • After that, remove the stabilizer from your hoop, and be careful with toilet paper again.
  • After removing the hoop, take a pair of scissors and cut the extra nine-show mesh stabilizer from the back of your design.
  • Once the extra stabilizer is removed, we can roll up the toilet paper and carefully clean off any loose stitches that appear to be cut with scissors.
  • Congratulations, you just embroidered on toilet paper!


Well, you caught me. I had to make another joke. I mean, come on, how many times do I have to write about this thing?

Finally, if you follow our steps above, you shouldn’t have any trouble embroidering on toilet paper, especially when using our low-density embroidery designs, because They are designed specifically for toilet paper projects.

Take it easy, get three-ply toilet paper, and use designs that have been digitized with proper low-density sewing settings in mind, so that your embroidery machine doesn’t tear your toilet paper to pieces.

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Cut-Away stabilizer, Sheer Stitch works great. Embroidery design: Stay away from dense metals, vintage style stitches or spruce metals are best for sewing on toilet paper. Too dense a design can tear the toilet paper. 4 “x 4” hoop – Using the smallest hoop will provide the most stability.

Tracing paper is about a quarter of the weight of the paper from which it is made, but much stronger than that. Tracing paper will be as thin as tissue paper or as thick as heavyweight paper.

There is a sheet of baking material on which the fabric you are embroidering is hopped and embroidered. This material acts as a stabilizer, helping the fabric and stitches during the embroidery process.

A tracing wheel, also called a pattern wheel, a pound wheel, and a dart wheel, is a device that has multiple teeth on a wheel attached to a handle.

Using a ballpoint pen or stylus, trace your pattern or design. Be sure to press down firmly, as this will ensure a better transfer to the receiving surface. Some people use special ink colors such as red or purple pens to trace the design.

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