Custom Band Merch Ideas –; Scoprire 7 Idee fresche

Band merchandise is a massive market. Although physical copies like CDs sales are decreasing day by day because people now have other online options such as YouTube, downloading, streaming, or other multiple ways. ;

In 2023, the music business is generating $92 billion globally and can be increased to $151 billion by 2030. ;


But where are people spending this much amount if it’;s not the music itself?

Instead of file sharing bands have to find other ways to generate revenue. Così, the band’;s merch is the most unique way to do this. And the most important thing is that the money goes straight to the band rather than the recording company.

So in this post, we’;ll share tried and tested custom band merch concepts. This will provide you with some ideas that excite your fans and bring some money.

Custom Band Merch Ideas - Scoprire 7 Idee fresche

1. T-Shirts:

One of the most popular custom band merchandise concepts is custom T-shirts. Having a band logo or other material on shirts is the best way to increase revenue, energize your fans, and boost your band position all at once.

Da 1960 t-shirts became a staple item of every American cloth collection. The customized t-shirt is the best method to show your love and support to your fans.


But there are some rules you’;ve to follow when making custom concert t-shirts:

  • In primo luogo, the T-shirt should be black. Because everyone loves black color and it even looks sexier and smarter. This is not a thumb rule but if you wanna classic tees for your concert then you can go with black.
  • In secondo luogo, you need an extraordinary design. Never go with just an album cover, instead you should hire someone who designs something memorable and stylish. But keep in mind, that there is no need to have lots of color, just keep the design simple so that it attracts lots of people.
  • infine, you should add the date of your band concert on the back of the T-shirt. We’;re not sure why. Maybe people get too drunk and they forget the date.
Suggerimento bonus: Find a custom embroidery digitizing service that offers a wide range of options for designing your concert tees. Per esempio, EMdigitizing allows you to place a direct order of your custom merch. You can also order in bulk and we promise that you’;ll get the same results on each t-shirt. This way you can open your own store, sell your all items in one place, and promote your business

2. Custom Patches:

Patches look better than buttons, that’;s why people are more attracted to Patches. Ma, its manufacturing can be expensive and time-consuming as well. Così, it must be designed in such a way that it justifies its cost.

Adding patches to cloth pieces needs more attention. Many people buy these but some actually know how to use them.


Il customized patch is an embroidered thing that users can use on jackets, jeans, suits, eccetera. These have different sizes and shapes. You can also design a patch the way you like as in square or circle form but you must look at your budget too.

Patches can be made of plastic or these can be sewn from cloth but they cannot be made on nylon or leather or many other types of materials.

So while making one must be careful with thread and needle because needle-like stuff patches can be harmful too so stickers can also be used.

3. QR Code Patches:

QR code patches are not the thing to sell to customers but it can be a better thoughtful idea to add to the merch table in this social media decade.


These barcodes can help customers reach the site easily just by scanning QR codes through cameras. QR codes can also be made by code generator and then a printout can be placed on the table.

4. Caps and Beanies:

Most people don’;t like to wear caps and hats, but some like to wear them all the time. It’;s not easy to make hats as T-shirts but also not that difficult.


For some past years, truckers were the hot hats structured as tall, with back panels and a back clasp but it became old fashion after some time.

But in today’;s trend, unstructured caps are used. These are classic and have buckle straps at the back and a swirled brim. It’;s considered as dad type wears but today’;s kids also use them.

5. Hoodies:

Another option for custom band merch is hoodies. These are super comfy and people love to wear them when going to the gym, resting around the house, or jogging in the garden.

Adesso, they’;re the most important part of the wardrobe and can be used as gifts. The price of hoodies might be high so fewer people will buy them.


What if We told you that they’;re the best-selling TikTok merchandise too? Quindi, you must purchase them….right?

Your hoodie designs can include text and images, or you can create all-over prints to give it a unique and fresh look.

If you are successful in selling your band hoodies then this is the signal that shows you can sell other merchandise like heats or sweatpants.

6. Tote Bags:

Adesso, we’;ve got tote bags on our list of custom band merch. They are an affordable and popular option for promoting your band and allow your fans to put all your promotional items in it.

Inoltre, we all know that plastic bags are banned all over the world so reusable tote bags are the best thing for it.


Let’;s talk about things that will help you to make your band tote bag rock:

  • Go with black if you want to rock n roll your band, including its straps.
  • If you want a durable tote bag then we suggest going with canvas. It may be costly but worth the money because of its durability.
  • Years from now, your fans will be wearing your band’;s logo on their way to the grocery store, and have some pins and patches to go along with it.

7. Poster:

Last but not least, we have posters in our list of custom band merch. Practically, this is for targeting the younger generation but they’;re classic so we had to add them.

Every music lover grew up seeing the poster of their favorite music band. This is the most affordable option of band merchandise so you can also distribute them for free. We suggest you distribute a few freebies because it can increase the financial value of them.

You can also share them online to promote your band. You can also embroider the band poster on t-shirts too. ;

Per questo scopo, you can hire us. We convert your band poster into an embroidery file that contains all important information like stitch direction, lunghezza del punto, densità del punto, e altro ancora. Or if you don’;t have any poster design then don’;Non preoccuparti. We design it for you at the most affordable rate from our competitors. Così get in touch and discuss your needs. ;

Parole finali:

Keep in mind that these custom band merch ideas are proven to work best to promote your band. But make sure who your fans are and what they expect from you.

Does a senior mom like tote bags? Just Imagine!

Pensa fuori dagli schemi. Al giorno d'oggi, everything can be customized. If you have any wild ideas for band merchandise, please contact us. We enjoy listening to them.

We warned you this would get crazy.

No jokes here –; our digitizers and artists would love to complete your order. No matter how crazy your thoughts are.

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Domande frequenti:

  1. T-Shirts
  2. Custom Patches
  3. QR Code Patches
  4. Caps and Beanies
  5. Hoodies
  6. Tote Bags
  7. Poster

Fans will always want band merch basics like t-shirts, felpe con cappuccio, perni, stickers, and tote bags, so make sure you always have them in stock! They are simple to manufacture and sell, and they are perfect as gifts for both casual and dedicated fans.

sì, you can make your own band merch and this is a great chance to make money. You don’;t have to be a merch designer for a music artist or t-shirt company to support your favorite artist. You can still create your own clothes or accessories to show your support.

  • Create your band website
  • Stay active on social media platforms
  • Focus on streaming
  • Use ads to promote your band
  • Create a YouTube channel

The Rolling Stones logo is one of the most popular and well-known logos of all time. John Pasche made the image in 1971, and it has stood the test of time, just like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.