Recensione della macchina da ricamo serie TMEZ-SC con pro e contro

La macchina da ricamo della serie TMEZ-SC è la scelta migliore sia per le ricamatrici amatoriali che per quelle esperte che vogliono cambiare il modo di svolgere il proprio lavoro. It leaves traditional embroidery machines in the dust due to its cutting-edge features and inventive design. It creates a new benchmark in the industry.

Our goal with this in-depth review is to help you understand why this machine is so much better than the competition.

TMEZ-SC Series Embroidery Machine Review With Pros And Cons

Recensione della macchina da ricamo serie TMEZ-SC con pro e contro

Introduction Of TMEZ-SC Series Embroidery Machine:

The TMEZ-SC Series is a beautiful masterpiece. Questo macchina da ricamo isn’;t just a tool; it’;s a way to be creative that has no limits. It is quite excellent in terms of its accuracy, focus on detail, and variety of features.

Precision and customization are the characteristics of the TMEZ-SC Series. Whether you’;re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’;ll love the variety of designs at your disposal. It’;s very easy to import custom designs, which lets you be more creative.

Introduction Of TMEZ-SC Series Embroidery Machine
Introduction Of TMEZ-SC Series Embroidery Machine

It’;s enjoyable to use even while handling complex designs, thanks to its user-friendly interface and simple controls. This machine doesn’;t have any complicated settings so you can be creative.

One thing that makes the TMEZ-SC Series stand out is that it can significantly increase output. It produces high-quality embroidery quickly and accurately every time. This machine does a great job with everything, from small monograms to complicated patterns. It’;s definitely become a necessary tool in your embroidery workshop.

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Let’s have a look at the specifications of this machine:

Quick Breakdown Of TMEZ-SC Embroidery Machine Specifications:


TMEZ-SC Series Embroidery Machine


Single-head embroidery machine

Numero di aghi


Embroidery area

360 X 500 mm

Maximum embroidery speed

1000 SPM

Maximum stitch density

10,000 stitches per square inch

Color change system


Thread cutting system


Press foot

Digitally controlled

Touch screen control

Frame options

Tubular, berretto, border, sock, pocket, M-frame

Factory options

Seed beads device, laser cross marker, multi cording device 2

Alimentazione elettrica

Single-phase 100-120V, 200-240v (50Hz/60Hz)

Table Size (Height×Width)

955×870 mm



Key Features of the TMEZ Series Embroidery Machine:

Let’s have a look at the detailed key features of this embroidery machine:

Key Features of the TMEZ Series Embroidery Machine
Key Features of the TMEZ Series Embroidery Machine

Automatic Thread Cutting System:

The TMEZ-SC Machine’;s automatic thread-cutting function effectively trims the thread at the end of each embroidery sequence. It saves time and makes sure that the thread cuts are clean and precise. This also cuts down on manual work and boosts total efficiency.

A sharp blade is used by the thread-cutting mechanism to cut the thread at a predefined position. When the embroidery sequence comes to a finish, a sensor recognizes it, activating the blade. Dopo di che, the blade is pulled back to avoid any accidental impact.

Inoltre, the operator has the option to program the system to cut the filo da ricamo at predetermined intervals during the embroidery process, such as when the machine pauses when the embroidery is finished.

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Embroidery Frame Options:

The TMEZ-SC embroidery machine’;s interchangeable frames make it suitable for a wide range of applications. A comprehensive note on each frame option is provided below:

  • Tubular frame: It is used to embroider cylindrical products like sleeves, pantaloni, e magliette. Its length is 500 mm, and its diameter is 360 mm.
  • Cap frame: This frame is used to embroider trucker hats, Cappelli da baseball, and various other kinds of caps. It measures 75 mm in depth and 360 mm in circumference.
  • Border frame: This is used to stitch edges on items like towels, coperte, and curtains. Beyond that, it’;S 360 mm wide and 500 mm tall.
  • Sock frame: It is perfect for stitching designs onto socks. It measures 30 mm in circumference and 50 mm in height.
  • Pocket frame: This frame is used to embroider pockets on bags, camicie, and other goods. It comes in two sizes: 65 mmx 100 mm and 100 mmx 75 mm.
  • M-frame: This versatile frame is ideal for embroidery on a range of products, such as bags, giacche, camicie, and jeans. It measures 500 mm in height and 360 mm in width.

Tajima also has a number of custom frame options in addition to these basic frame choices. Ad esempio, they can design frames for the purpose of embroidering specific items like bags, berretti, e scarpe.

Digitally Controlled Press Foot:

The TMEZ-SC machine has a technology called the Digitally Controlled Presser Foot (DCP) that lessens cloth fluttering during embroidery. The DCP works best when working with thick fabric, very thin fabric, and material that is folded.

When the material is raised during embroidery, it is known as fluttering, and it results in missed stitches, improper trimming, and lower-quality stitching. The DCP prevents uneven embroidery, punti saltati, and cutting mistakes.

The presser foot instantly figures out how thick the fabric is and adjusts itself to changes in thickness, punto per punto. The machine minimizes issues like skip stitch and thread trimming failure by reducing the fluttering of the fabric before and during embroidery.

The DCP guarantees secure fabric stability, and this is necessary for quality embroidery. It is a key component that enhances the accuracy and precision of the TMEZ embroidery machine.

Embroidery Machine Factory Options:

The TMEZ-SC series embroidery machine has five factory options:

    • Seed Beads device: You can sew seed beads onto your embroidery designs with the seed beads device. This can give your work a touch of class and shine. The tool is user-friendly and suitable for a range of seed bead sizes.
    • Laser cross marker: The marking helps you easily locate the embroidery position according to the grain of the fabric and the seams. The marker appears to show where the needle is located, allowing you to adjust posizionamento del ricamo according to your sewing pattern.
    • Multi-cording device 2: The multi-cording device 2 allows you to sew up to six different colors of cord material simultaneously. This can be utilized to create various decorative effects, including couching, appliqué, and cording lettering. The multi-cording device 2 can also work with different types of cording materials, like shiny thread, ribbon, and yarn.
    • Indicatore di posizione: You can quickly and easily find the perfect embroidery spot using this feature.
  • LED lamp: This choice adds more light to the embroidery area, which makes it easier to see the fabric and disegni da ricamo.

Pros And Cons Of The TMEZ-SC Series Embroidery Machine:



  • Precision is impressive
  • Various needle options, disegni incorporati, and fonts allow for limitless creativity
  • It boosts productivity and maintains high-quality embroidery with its efficient design
  • User-friendly interface supports both beginner and experienced embroiderers
  • A large working area makes production easier
  • Come with a premium price tag
  • Lack of compatibility with mac operating systems

Who Can Benefit from the TMEZ-SC Embroidery Machine?

Who Can Benefit from the TMEZ-SC Embroidery Machine
Who Can Benefit from the TMEZ-SC Embroidery Machine

The TMEZ-SC series machine is designed with a wide range of users in mind.

  • Crafters and art enthusiasts: people who want to show their talent through precise and detailed work on fabric.
  • Commercial businesses: Especially those that make clothes, run ads, or make personalized things. This machine makes work easier and maintains the quality of the embroidery.
  • Aspiring embroiderers: It’;s an extremely useful resource for people who want to learn the skills needed in the attività di ricamo.

This embroidery machine is famous because it combines new technology with traditional skills, which makes it useful for many people.

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Domande frequenti:

sì, Tajima embroidery machines are highly regarded in the embroidery business for their high quality and accuracy, which makes them a great choice for both professionals and hobbyists.

It’;s easy to use a TMEZ embroidery machine. You can import your design, change settings like speed and thread tension, and then let the machine do its thing. It’;s very easy to make patterns that are precise and complex.

The price of a TMEZ-SC Series embroidery machine varies depending on the model, caratteristiche, and the seller, but it typically falls within the range of $5,000 a $10,000. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, it’;s advisable to contact authorized dealers or visit the manufacturer’;s website.