SWF 12 Examen de la machine à broder à l’aiguille

In the world of embroidery machines, the SWF MAS 12 with its 12 needles stands out as a versatile and feature-packed option.

Whether you’;re a seasoned embroiderer looking to boost productivity or a passionate beginner yearning to create stunning designs, this machine promises efficiency and beautiful results.

SWF MAS 12 Needle Embroidery Machine Review

This review dives deep into the SWF MAS 12 Needle Embroidery Machine, exploring its capabilities, facilité d'utilisation, performance, and value proposition.

We’;ll break down its features, assess its learning curve, and analyze its strengths and weaknesses to help you decide if it’;s the perfect match for your embroidery journey.

SWF 12 Examen de la machine à broder à l’aiguille

Key Features of SWF MAS 12 Needle Embroidery Machine

The SWF MAS 12-needle embroidery machine boasts a range of features designed to enhance your embroidery experience. Let’;s delve deeper into some of the key functionalities:

1. Sewing Field Size

The SWF MAS 12 boasts a large embroidery field of 13″; x 8″; (360mm x 230mm). This allows you to embroider larger designs or multiple smaller ones within a single hooping.

Sewing Field Size
Sewing Field Size

2. Nombre d'aiguilles

Avec 12 aiguilles, the MAS 12 offers a wide color palette pour vos projets de broderie. This eliminates the need for frequent manual thread changes, saving you time and improving efficiency.

Number of Needles
Nombre d'aiguilles

3. Vitesse de broderie

The SWF MAS-12 embroidery machine, operates at a high speed of 1,000 points par minute (MPS). This allows for quick project completion, ideal for production environments or high-volume embroidery needs.

4. Threading and Bobbin Winding

Information on the specific threading system (automatic or manual) might be limited. Cependant, SWF MAS-12 manual mention the bobbin winding process being user-friendly.

5. Embroidery Hoop Options

The SWF-MAS-12 needle embroidery machine likely comes with a standard cercle à broder for flat embroidery.

Embroidery Hoop Options
Embroidery Hoop Options

It might also be compatible with additional hoop sizes and specialty hoops for hats, Sacs, or other cylindrical items (check with the manufacturer).

6. LCD Screen and Controls

The SWF MAS 12 Needle Embroidery Machine features a large 10.4″; high-resolution touchscreen LCD panel. This allows for easy navigation, design selection, and editing functions directly on the screen.

LCD Screen and Controls
LCD Screen and Controls

7. Design Memory and Editing

The MAS 12 likely offers built-in memory for storing motifs de broderie. Editing features might include resizing, tournant, et combinant des conceptions.

8. Connectivité (USB, Wifi)

The machine likely has a USB port for importing designs from a flash drive. Wifi connectivity might also be available for additional design transfer options (check specifications).

Connectivity (USB, Wifi)
Connectivité (USB, Wifi)

9. Coupe-fil automatique

This feature eliminates the need to manually clip threads at color changes, saving time and creating a cleaner finished product.

10. Broderie à bras libre

It includes a free-arm embroidery function that allows you to easily embroider on small, tubular items like sleeves or pockets.

Free-Arm Embroidery
Broderie à bras libre

11. Cap Embroidery

The SWF MAS 12 Needle Embroidery Machine might come with a cap driver and frames for embroidering on hats and baseball caps.

Cap Embroidery
Cap Embroidery

12. Other Notable Features

  • Smart Embroidery System (SES): This feature might allow you to convert photos into embroidery designs directly on the machine.
  • Free-Hand Stitch Function: This allows you to draw a design on the screen and convert it into embroidery stitches.

Ease of Use of the SWF MAS 12 Needle Embroidery Machine

The SWF MAS 12 is advertised as a user-friendly machine, but ease of use can vary depending on your experience level.

Here’;s a breakdown of some key factors that impact the ease of use:

Threading and Bobbin Winding

Look for features like automatic needle threading (if available) and self-threading bobbins.

Threading and Bobbin Winding
Threading and Bobbin Winding

The SWF MAS 12 manual should have clear instructions with diagrams for threading the upper thread and winding the bobbin.

Setting Up and Using the Embroidery Hoops

  • The SWF MAS 12 Needle Embroidery Machine features a patented quick-change cap system for easy switching between hoops and cap frames.
  • The manual should explain proper hoop selection for your project and fabric, as well as how to secure the fabric in the hoop.

Loading and Editing Designs

The SWF MAS 12 boasts a large 10.4″; touchscreen LCD panel. This can be a plus for ease of use, allowing for easy navigation and design selection.

Look for features like a USB port for design transfers and built-in editing functions for minor adjustments.

Loading and Editing Designs
Loading and Editing Designs

The learning curve for editing features will depend on their complexity. The manual should provide clear instructions.

Performance of the SWF MAS 12 Needle Embroidery Machine

The performance of the SWF MAS 12 is a crucial factor to consider, especially for the quality of your embroidery projects. Here’;s a breakdown of key aspects:

Qualité des points

The quality of the stitches produced by the machine is an important factor to consider. The SWF MAS 12 should be able to create clean, consistent stitches with even tension.

Stitch Quality
Qualité des points

Noise Level

Machines à broder can generate noise, which is important to consider for home use. The noise level of the SWF MAS 12 may vary depending on the sewing speed and material.


The embroidery speed of the machine will affect your productivity. The SWF MAS 12’;s speed specifications should be listed in the manual or online.

Consider the balance between speed and stitch quality for your needs.

Pros and Cons of SWF MAS 12 Needle Embroidery Machine


Les inconvénients

  • Efficient Production: Avec 12 aiguilles, this machine allows for quick and efficient production.
  • Uniform Design: It ensures a uniform design on each garment, providing consistency in embroidery work.
  • Error-Free Designs: Computer-controlled embroidery machines like the SWF MAS 12 offer accurate and error-free designs compared to hand embroidery.
  • Gain de temps: The machine’;s speed of 1100 RPM enables faster production with multiple heads, making it less time-consuming2.
  • Rentable: Machine embroidery can be more pocket-friendly compared to hand embroidery, which may require higher costs for skilled labor.
  • Lack of Guidance: Some users have reported a lack of guidance, such as a manual, to assist in learning how to use the machine effectively.

Who Should Buy the SWF MAS 12?

The SWF MAS 12 is a versatile machine that can appeal to a variety of embroiderers, but here’;s a breakdown of who might benefit most:

Embroidery Business Starters

This is a great machine for those starting an embroidery business. The MAS 12 offers commercial-grade quality at a more affordable price point compared to some high-end machines.

Its 12 needles allow for efficient multi-colored designs, and the fast embroidery speeds help with production time.

Embroiderers Looking to Expand

Established embroiderers looking for a cost-effective second machine will find the MAS 12 a valuable addition.

It provides extra capacity for taking on more projects without a huge investment.

Hobbyists with Some Experience

While beginners can certainly learn on the MAS 12, it’;s not the most basic machine.

If you’;re a hobbyist who has already mastered the fundamentals of embroidery and is looking to create more complex designs with multiple colors, the MAS 12 offers the features and power to take your projects to the next level.

Hobbyists with Some Experience
Hobbyists with Some Experience

Here are some factors to consider to help you decide if the SWF MAS 12 is right for you:

  • Experience Level: If you’;re a complete beginner, there might be more beginner-friendly machines with simpler features and lower price tags.
  • Project Needs: Consider the types of embroidery projects you typically do. If you mainly work on small, single-color designs, the MAS 12 might be overkill. Cependant, if you want to make larger, multi-colored projects, its capabilities will be a big advantage.
  • Budget: The MAS 12 falls in a mid-range price point for embroidery machines. Decide how much you’;re comfortable spending before considering this model.
  • Space: While the MAS 12 is a single-head machine and takes up less space than some larger models, make sure you have a dedicated workspace for it.


En conclusion, the SWF MAS 12 Needle Embroidery Machine offers a good selection of features for its price point, making it a decent option for hobbyists and small businesses getting started with embroidery.

While it may not have the top-of-the-line speed or extensive editing features of higher-end machines, it delivers good stitch quality and is relatively easy to use.

Cependant, those looking for a high-production machine or extensive design editing capabilities might be better suited to looking elsewhere.

Globalement, the SWF MAS 12 is a solid choice for embroiderers seeking a versatile and user-friendly machine at a mid-range price.

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Questions fréquemment posées:

SWF embroidery machines are generally regarded as good quality, offering reliability and efficiency in embroidery tasks.

The cost of an SWF MAS 12 Needle Embroidery Machine can vary depending on factors like condition and accessories but typically ranges from $10,000 à $20,000.

The most expensive embroidery machine models can reach prices upwards of $50,000, often equipped with advanced features and capabilities for professional-grade embroidery projects.