hermano cuatro 3 Revisión de la máquina de bordar Innov-is 6750D

If you’;re a creative soul who loves to add a personal touch to your projects, hermano cuatro 3 Innov-is 6750D Embroidery Machine might just become your new best friend.

Este Maquina de bordar is a powerhouse that combines advanced technology, exceptional performance, and a wide range of features to enhance every proyecto de bordado.

Brother Quattro 3 Innov-is 6750D Embroidery Machine Review

This review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Brother Quattro 6750D, delving into its key features, capacidades de diseño, interfaz amigable, actuación, innovative technology, maintenance requirements, and overall verdict.

hermano cuatro 3 Revisión de la máquina de bordar Innov-is 6750D

Key Features of Brother Quattro 3 Innov-is 6750D Machine

1. Velocidad de costura:

One of the most striking features of the Quattro 3 is its sewing speed. Capable of reaching up to 1000 puntadas por minuto (GDS), it combines speed with impeccable stitch quality.

Whether you’re working on a time-sensitive project or delving into intricate designs, this machine meets the demands of both speed and precision.

2. Expansive Embroidery Area:

The Quattro 3 boasts an impressive embroidery area of 8 X 12 pulgadas, providing ample space for large and complex designs. This generous embroidery field allows for greater creativity and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for ambitious projects that require extra room for expression.

3. Embroidery Designs and Fonts:

Dive into a world of artistic possibilities with 937 incorporado diseños de bordado, incluido 14 Bobbin works and 207 diseños de personajes de disney.

Además, the machine offers 18 built-in alphabet fonts, encompassing floral and Greek alphabet designs. These vast options cater to a wide range of styles and preferences, ensuring your projects are uniquely yours.

4. Built-In Sewing Stitches:

Con 639 puntadas de costura incorporadas, the Quattro 3 is a veritable playground for stitch enthusiasts. The variety includes decorative stitches, utility stitches, y más, providing the perfect stitch for every project.

5. Stitch Width and Length:

Customization is key with the Quattro 3. It offers a stitch width of up to 7mm and a length of up to 5mm, allowing for precise adjustments to suit diferentes telas y diseños. This feature ensures that each stitch is just right for your specific project.

6. Buttonholes Styles:

The machine features 15 one-step and 1 four-step buttonhole styles, providing a range of options for garment makers and designers. This versatility is invaluable for creating professional-quality garments with ease.

7. Multi-Function Foot Controller:

The multi-function foot controller allows you to control up to three different sewing functions with the press footer. This innovative feature streamlines the sewing process, making it more efficient and enjoyable.

Key Features of Brother Quattro 3 Innov-is 6750D Machine
Key Features of Brother Quattro 3 Innov-is 6750D Machine

8. Ajustador de altura automático:

The automatic height adjuster ensures a smooth, consistent stitch quality on varying fabric thicknesses. This feature is particularly beneficial when working with quilts or layered fabrics.

9. Spacious Bed Area for Larger Projects:

With a bed area measuring 8.4 X 15.9 pulgadas, the Quattro 3 accommodates larger projects comfortably. This spacious work area is perfect for quilting and larger embroidery projects.

10. Speed Control:

The speed controller allows for easy adjustment of sewing speed, making it suitable for beginners and experts alike. This feature helps in managing intricate details and ensuring precision.

11. Needle Threader and Trimmer:

The automatic needle threader and trimmer save time and reduce eye strain, making the sewing experience more enjoyable and efficient.

12. Limpiador de hilos:

The thread wiper is an added convenience, ensuring a neat finish by cutting and wiping away the thread after sewing.

13. 10 Inch LED Light:

The 10-inch LED light provides excellent visibility, illuminating the work area for precise sewing and embroidery, especially in low-light conditions.

14. Posicionamiento del bordado:

The LED pointer for embroidery positioning marks the exact spot where the needle will drop, enhancing accuracy in embroidery projects.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Brother Quattro 3 Innov-is 6750D Machine:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Brother Quattro 3 Innov-is 6750D Machine
Advantages and Disadvantages of Brother Quattro 3 Innov-is 6750D Machine



  • It sews really quickly, saving you time.
  • The spacious embroidery area
  • Comes with many built-in designs.
  • Works well with thick fabrics.
  • Precise embroidery placement helps put designs exactly where you want them.
  • The machine is equipped with an LED pointer that shows needle drop positions with pinpoint accuracy.
  • It’;s complex for new users.
  • Needs its own space and is hard to move around.


The Brother Quattro 3 Innov-is 6750D stands as a testament to what modern technology can bring to the art of sewing and embroidery. It’s not just a machine; it’s a partner in your creative journey, designed to bring your visions to life with precision, eficiencia, and a touch of magic.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a crafting enthusiast, the Quattro 3 is set to transform your projects into masterpieces, stitch by stitch.

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Preguntas frecuentes:

sí, some Brother machines can sew and embroider too. The Brother Quattro 3 6750D is one such machine. This machine is perfect for embroidery projects with to its fast stitching speed, spacious embroidered area, and dedicated capabilities.

Different sellers may charge different prices for the Brother Quattro 3 Innov-is 6750D Machine. Its pricing range is between $7,500 y $9,000. If you buy it during a sale, you can also save money.

To do embroidery on a Brother machine, you select your design, set up the embroidery hoop, and follow the machine’;s guided instructions for stitching.